Comcast Xfinity Taps Ed Helms To Demonstrate ‘Unbeatable Internet’

Was that supposed to be a Braveheart Scottish accent in the game? Oh, Eddie, your bum is out of the wind!

Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the work makes its point about Xfinity’s power, speed and safety with perfectly pitched humor – thanks in large part to Helms. Lately, he’s been ascending toward that lofty stratosphere occupied by… Ryan Reynolds and Lil Nas X. Enhanced here by a punchy script, clever cameos and a WiFi-powered rocket house, Ed has to keep his eyes on the screens as he supercharges the message.

“Ed Helms has played supporting roles in the past where his character was often the source of jokes — he was ‘beat up,’ if you will,” Comcast SVP of brand marketing Todd Arata told Muse. “We wanted to show how our internet can make such a character unbeatable. Seeing him in this powerful and confident role should be fun for the audience and generate positive feelings.”

So, what about those sidekicks?

FaZe clan has become one of the most popular esports and entertainment brands today,” says Arata. “Their sports and their fans demand fast and reliable internet. And those fans cover a very broad age and demographic demo, which is a good fit for us.”

And Holyfield, Arata adds, is made for a knockout guard. “We have one of the best and most complete suites of online tools to keep our customers safe on any connected screen. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard watching over you as you browse the web. Who better to play that role than the former? undisputed heavyweight champion?”

But in the end it’s Helms’ show, and Arata is enthusiastic about his contributions: “He delivered all his lines perfectly on the first take. He improvised and made the campaign his own. As an active participant at the writing table, Ed made the character a unique fit with gestures, elongated line and nice posture.”


Client: Comcast
Brand: Xfinity
Campaign Name: Unbeatable Xfinity
Air Date: 5/9/22
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Executive Vice President, CMO: Sophia Ahmad
Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Messaging and Media: Peter Intermaggio
Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing & IMC: Todd Arata
Vice President, Brand Marketing Communications: Dustin Hayes
Executive Director, Brand Marketing Communications: Rose Holden
Director, Brand Marketing Communications: Erica Buchholz
Specialist, Brand Marketing Communications: Sarah Kezbari


Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Executive Creative Director: Jim Elliott
Creative directors: Jon Wolanske, Felipe Lima, Tristan Graham, Jon Wyville
Art Director: Jack Woodworth
Lyricist: Rob Katzenstein

Digital/Social Creative
Lyricist: Dominic Johns
Art Director: Jake Peterson

Account Services
Managing Partner: Leslie Barrett
Executive Group Account Director: Chad Bettor
Account Director: Kirsten Tsitsos, Katie Freedman
Account Manager: Morgan Wehsener, Analisa Cortes
Assistant Account Manager: Sydney Watson, Ayo Ehindero

Brand and communication strategy
Partner, Head of Brand Strategy: Bonnie Wan
Partner, Head of Communications Strategy: Christine Chen
Brand Strategy Director: John Thorpe
Group Strategy Director: Kelly Evans-Pfeifer
Director of Communications Strategy: Maren Severtson
Group Director Research Data & Analytics Strategist: Taylor Grant
Communication Strategist: Shneur Silverstein

Executive Producer: James Horner
Senior Producer: Lori Pisani

Digital/Social Production
Senior Producer: Alisa Latvala
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Associate Producer: Abbie Leigh, Hanna Hegnell

business affairs
Business Director: Judy Ybarra
Associate Business Manager: Brittany Longden

production company
Company Name: Stink Films
Production Company City: Los Angeles
Director: Traktor
Executive Producer: Fran McGivern
Head of Production: Ari Schneiderman
Executive Producer: Mungo Maclagan
Producer: Richard Ulfvengren
Director of Photography: Linus Sandgren
Production Designer: Timothy Moen
Costume designer: Liz Botes

Editorial company
Company Name: Arcade
Editing Company City: Los Angeles and New York City
Editors: Jeff Ferruzzo and Paul Martinez
Assistant Editors: Chris Messier and Eliza Kanter
Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
Senior Producers: Kirsten Thon-Webb and Adrienne Tararin

audio mix
Company Name: Lime Studios
Audio Mixer: Rohan Young
Audio Assistant: Jeremy Nichols
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

VFX Company
VFX Studio: The Mill
VFX Supervisor – 3D Lead: Graeme Turnbull
VFX Supervisor – 2D Lead: Rod Jimenez Baena
Producer: Amina Hussain
Executive Producer: Mark Driscoll
Creative Director: Morten Vinther
Director: Anastasia von Rahl

Company Name: The Mill
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Color help: Nate Seymour
Color producer: Jessica Amburgey
Senior Executive Producer: Meghan Lang Bice

Music and sound design
Music and Sound Design: Human
Creative Director: Gareth Williams
Head of Sync and A&R: Kamela Anderson
EP: Carol Dunn

Specific to national anthem :60:
Composer: Seth Fruiterman
Composer: Morgan Viscontic
Sound designer: Gareth Williams

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