Elon Musk sets internet on fire with cryptic tweet about dying ‘under mysterious circumstances’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk caused a social media storm by suggesting he could die “under mysterious circumstances”. While some on Twitter have concluded that he may have feared the Clintons, it seems the CEO may have been referring to a potential threat from Russia.

“When I die under mysterious circumstances, it was nice to know you,” Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX and recently took over Twitter, Posted on the social media platform.


When Musk’s mom Maye Musk replied, “That’s not funny,” her son replied:“Sorry! I’ll do my best to stay alive.”

Tesla-CEO Elon Musk <span class="auteursrechten">Patrick Pleul/photo alliance via Getty Images</span>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/BCT9R3onuzEgss63.IYeLw–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQ4OA–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/res/ 1.2/pg8I4ikLYYYmx9vy.nBBu6g–~B/aD0zMzY0O3c9NDg2MDthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/6462ed19ce71879121043b47869><noscript><img alt=Patrick Pleul/photo alliance via Getty Images” src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/BCT9R3onuzEgss63.IYeLw–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQ4OA–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/res/1.2/ pg8I4ikLYYmx9vy.nBBu6g–~B/aD0zMzY0O3c9NDg2MDthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/6462ed19ce71879121043b”g”/cafc-

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Patrick Pleul/photo alliance via Getty Images

Many commentators suggested Musk might be concerned that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, would play out the conspiracy theory that the Clintons were involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

“Do you have dirt on the Clintons?” asked digital strategist Greg Price.

“Wait…what do you know about Hillary Clinton?” comedian Tim Young early

“The Clintons” started trending on Twitter, in part as a result of Musk’s tweet, which amassed more than 52,000 “retweets” Sunday night.

Others referred to a tweet from John McAfee on October 15, 2020, in which the computer programmer and antivirus software maker stated that he had no intention of committing suicide after being arrested in Spain on charges of tax evasion.

“I’m happy here. I have friends. The food is good. Everything is good. Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it won’t be my fault,” McAfee tweeted.

Elon Musk hielp de aandacht te vestigen op de censuurkwesties van Twitter, volgens Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon.  <span class="auteursrechten">Reuters/Mike Blake/File photo</span>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/6..P8ZmswvMqhAO7alP0Sw–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQ2OA–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/api /1.2/wIszo0xxqEwQKilPGmQW7Q–~B/aD0yMDY3O3c9MzExMjthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/0ef08ba42c19efe6d2aef98/>79ba163eef98″<noscript><img alt=Reuters/Mike Blake/File photo” src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/6..P8ZmswvMqhAO7alP0Sw–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQ2OA–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/1.2/api/res /wIszo0xxqEwQKilPGmQW7Q–~B/aD0yMDY3O3c9MzExMjthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/0ef08ba42c19efe6d2aef98b” class=”>ca79fe6d2aef98b”

Elon Musk helped draw attention to Twitter’s censorship issues, according to Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon. Reuters/Mike Blake/File photo

McAfee was found dead on June 23, 2021 by apparent suicide by hanging in his cell shortly after the Spanish national court cleared his extradition to the US


But unlike McAfee and Epstein, Musk has not been arrested and is not in prison. Out of context, it would appear that Musk was not referring to the Clintons as a potential threat to his life, but rather to the Russian government.

Shortly before his cryptic tweet, Tesla’s CEO quoted a message from Dmitry Rogozin, a former deputy prime minister of Russia, who sent a statement to Russian media condemning Musk’s Starlink satellite company for giving the “Nazi Azov battalion” access to internet had given.

The testimony of the imprisoned commander of the 35th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Dmitry Kormyankov, shows that the Internet terminals of the Starlink satellite company of Elon Musk were delivered to the militants of the Nazi Battalion Azov and the Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol by military helicopters,” Rogozin wrote, according to a translation Musk posted on Twitter.

“According to our information, the delivery of the Starlink equipment was carried out by the Pentagon,” Rogozin added. “So, Elon Musk is involved in providing military communications equipment to the fascist forces in Ukraine. And for this, Elon, you will be held accountable as an adult — no matter how much you fool yourself.”

“The word ‘Nazi’ doesn’t mean what he seems to think it does,” Musk says tweeted with the message.

Musk’s Starlink has indeed been Connecting Ukrainians Internet during the Russian invasion.

The Azov Battalion is a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, based in Mariupol in the Sea of ​​Azov region. It first saw fighting in which Mariupol was recaptured from Russian forces and pro-Russian separatists in June 2014. Russia has repeatedly cited the battalion as justifying its invasion of Ukraine in an attempted “denazification” (despite the fact that the Ukrainian president , Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is Jewish) ).


In March 2015, Andriy Diachenko, a spokesman for the brigade, said: told USA Today that 10% to 20% are Nazis, but the ideology “has nothing to do with the official ideology of the Azov.”

Zelenskyy vehemently denied the claim that the Azov battalion promotes Nazism.

“The Azov regiment is not a volunteer (formation), but is part of the National Guard,” Zelenskyy said last week† “They are (part of) the official army of our state. Anyone who wanted to get involved in politics, (left the Azov regiment). Those who decided to serve in the National Guard of Ukraine became part of the National Guard of Ukraine.”

Any previous extremism in those ranks was traced to the Azov battalion being a volunteer organization years ago, but a lot has changed since then, the Ukrainian president said.

Multiple Kremlin critics have died in violent and suspicious ways† Most infamously, Alexei Navalny, a political rival of Russian President Vladimir Putin, fell ill in August 2020 after being exposed to a Soviet-era nerve agent in a suspected poisoning. The Kremlin has denied involvement in the apparent assassination attempt.

It appears Musk was referring to a threat from Russia, not an alleged threat from the Clintons.

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