Internet criticizes in-laws ‘gate-crashing’ family’s month-long vacation

For most, going on vacation is full of excitement, joy and relaxation. But every now and then the experience becomes more stressful then necessary. A mother recently shared mumsnet that her family’s month-long vacation was “crashed” by her in-laws, who decided to stay in an apartment “around the corner” for 10 days.

Under the username Ismellspring, the mother shared the message on the AIBU just two days ago? (Am I being unreasonable?) channel and captioned the “‘Escape from it all’ vacation gate-crashed.” Since then, the post has received 384 responses and the accompanying poll yielded a total of 1,899 votes, with 78% voting that the OP (original poster) was not unreasonable.

The mother described that prior to booking a holiday with her partner and their 6-year-old daughter, the family had “a very traumatic and emotionally draining 18 months”.

“We just need a place to escape, to regroup and unwind,” the mother explained. The OP wrote that the family “needed this ‘away from it all’ opportunity to allow” [them] to heal and move on.”

This eventually led the family to decide to rent an apartment in an unnamed European city this summer. The mother then described her child’s “loving grandparents” who visit the family regularly and invite them “every few months for a weekend.”

Wife stressed out with husband and mother-in-law
An image of a stressed woman with an argument between her husband and mother-in-law in the background. A post on Mumsnet recently went viral when a woman shared a story about how her family vacation was “crashed” by the in-laws.
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This time, however, the couple had seemingly decided to invite the in-laws to the same European city where they had booked the vacation, but only for “the usual three days”. The mother also wrote that she reminded the in-laws that the family needed a break, after which the child’s grandparents booked a 10-day stay in a nearby apartment.

“Don’t worry, we won’t break in, they say. We know you need space to recover, so we’ll keep ourselves unobtrusive, they say. You’ll never know we’re here, they say,” the mother reported. them as saying. She went on to describe her mother-in-law as “demanding and needy” and that “she thinks there is a rulebook of life and she wrote it.”

Towards the end of the post, the woman wrote, “I’ve hit rock bottom. We were so looking forward to a whole month of another normal and the space and sanctuary to start living again.”

Since it was shared, the post has received an overwhelming amount of support from commentators.

“What a selfish move, it took away the joy of the build,” wrote one user.

†[Whoever’s] older it is, must have strong words with them,” they added.

And another commenter said, “They ruin a third of your vacation. I wouldn’t have it.”

“…they ruin your peace and ruin the whole point of your vacation,” agrees another user.

Others were curious to ask a few follow-up questions about whether the family can “cancel the booking and book elsewhere” without telling the in-laws. The OP then responded with the following: “Unfortunately, no, it can’t be changed. I’ve tried to think of all the possibilities and alternatives, but that causes more anxiety when we should be looking forward to our vacation.”

Meanwhile, a few commenters were confused as to why the family invited the child’s grandparents in the first place: “Why did you suggest they come, if you’re trying to get away from it all?” one user wondered.

“You probably shouldn’t have really invited them over,” wrote another commenter.

The mother then responded by saying, “You’re fine — we should never have offered an invite. We’ve suffered so much lately as a family that we didn’t want to create drama or bad feelings.”

This wouldn’t be the first time an online post about a user’s relationship with in-laws has gone viral. news week recently reported on a reddit post about a woman puts up a sex board on the bedroom door to keep her mother-in-law from knocking. news week also included a story about how a woman let her mother-in-law stay in a hotel after making “bizarre” requests for sleeping places.

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