Internet drags betrothed man away because he creeps up on another woman

Members of a popular internet forum were stunned after a man revealed why his fiancée felt “humiliated and jealous” after a gathering with friends.

In a viral reddit Post published on r/AmITeA**hole, Redditor u/RoundReplacement7840 compared his fiancée’s “unique” beauty to his “conventionally attractive” boyfriend and asked the forum’s 4 million members whether to shower his boyfriend with compliments on her appearance crossed metaphorical lines.

titled, “[Am I the a**hole] for complimenting a friend of mine who makes my fiancé jealous?” after has received more than 6,600 votes and 3,600 comments in the past day.

Beginning by explaining that his 27-year-old fiancée (named “Jane”) is a lawyer, the original poster described her fashion sense as “casual chic”, claiming that his friend (named “Sara”), who works as a bridal counselor, dresses in a more “glamorous” way.

The original poster continued to explain that he and his fiancé had been engaged for the past year, assuring that he adores her, calling her “the nicest and most supportive woman” he’s ever met.

The original poster also said that his fiancé has recently started yelling at him every time he goes out of his way to pay respect to Sara’s flawless looks.

“Sara is the kind of woman who makes everyone turn their heads and stare at her when she enters a room. She’s always been that way,” he wrote. “Jane didn’t seem to mind at first, but later she started to get annoyed when I ‘complied Sara too much,’ but still didn’t make a point of it.”

However, at a recent engagement party for another friend, the original poster said things have changed, and his consistent compliments to Sara became a big deal both for himself and for his betrothed.

“As always, once Sara entered, everyone turned to her,” he wrote. “It was one of the best outfits she would wear and one of the best haircuts she would have.”

“I went to greet her and I couldn’t stop complimenting her all night because she really outdid herself,” he wrote. “I later saw Jane sitting alone and went to ask her what’s going on.”

“She replied that I’m ridiculous for asking like I don’t already know. Then my boyfriend’s new fiancé and my boyfriend pulled me aside and told me they saw my fiancé crying in the hallway,” the original said. poster. continued. “She told them she feels she will never be as good and beautiful as Sara in my eyes.”

Boyfriend distracted by other woman
Members of Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum exclaimed a man who expressed his repeated compliments to another woman, angering and humiliating his fiancée.
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In 2017, love and relationship outlet Your Tango addressed the issue of a male partner finding attractive a woman other than his own.

Throughout the article, your Tango writer assured Michelle Zunter that a man who thinks a woman outside of his relationship is attractive is natural.

“Noticing that other people are attractive isn’t just normal, it’s instinctive,” Zunter wrote.

However, what Zunter says is not normal or acceptable is: acting inappropriately based on those feelings of attraction

“There is a big difference between observing people and acting deviantly,” Zunter wrote.

While noticing beauty and simple compliments are both part of normal, acceptable interactions, talking about another woman’s appearance in front of a romantic partner is less acceptable. problems in a relationship

In the comment section of the viral post, Redditors forwarded this message to the original poster, questioning his motives for repeatedly complimenting his friend’s outfit, hair and general appearance, despite previous conversations with his fiancé about that exact behavior.

In response to the claim that he “couldn’t stop” complimenting Sara’s appearance, Redditor u/Sputtrosa assured the original poster that he was wrong for humiliating his fiancée in such a blatant manner.

“Well damn?” they exclaimed, receiving nearly 23,000 votes. “Couldn’t you stop? Yeah, [you’re the a**hole]†

In a separate comment, which garnered more than 12,500 votes, Redditor u/Left-Car6520 echoed that sentiment.

“My husband. I can hear you drooling over Sara from here,” they wrote. “Have you ever thought about not doing that to your betrothed?”

“Sara is beautiful, stunning, glamorous, we get it,” they continued. “But you can just shut up about it…this isn’t hard to figure out.”

“So basically you’re attracted to Sara, but you’ve decided Jane is a better fit for you. Fine,” Redditor agreed upon u/Pleasant_Birthday_77, getting nearly 7,000 votes.

“There’s no need to make it so obvious and insult and humiliate Jane,” she added. “Manage yourself, you are a grown man.”

news week contacted u/RoundReplacement7840 for comment.

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