Internet supports employee who received ‘absurd amount’ of money in payback plot

An employee has gone viral for saying they once received an “absurd amount” of money in a hilarious plot against one of their clients.

Submit redditMalicious Compliance Forum under the username u/Mother_Distance_4714, the worker said: the incident happened years ago when they were working as a contractor for a major ‘service provider’. The post has received over 9,500 upvotes and over 300 comments from Redditors applauding you/Mother_Distance_4714 for a job well done.

Before starting their story, u/Mother_Distance_4714 explained that they were doing “service work” on the gas station ads.

“Working at gas stations [in Germany] is highly regulated,” they wrote, adding that workers must wear protective clothing and establish proper work zones.

Man counting money
On Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” forum, an employee said they once made an “absurd amount of money” in a hilarious plot against one of their clients. The poster ensured that safety protocol was followed to the letter while assisting a customer.
Andrii Zastrozhnov/istock

“If the oil company finds out that you haven’t followed this protocol, you risk your contract,” they said.

However, U/Mother_Distance_4714 went on to say that employees would sometimes bend the protocol to address system reboot errors.

“In 9/10 cases, the restart button can be reached with a long screwdriver, so no ladder and secured workspace is needed,” they said. “This stretches the security protocol a bit, but we all agreed (engineers working with this customer) that this would be good.”

By not following protocol, employees can complete these tasks in as little as 15 minutes and get out of the way of their customers.

One day, u/Mother_Distance_4714 was called to a gas station to fix one of these simple mistakes. However, as soon as they arrived at the station, they were turned away because the station employees wanted to go home earlier. When they arrived at the station the next day, they decided that they would not bend protocol to avoid their client, but would follow their protocol to the letter.

“I assessed the situation and found that the only button I had to press was juuuuuust out of reach and so I had to put up a ladder. This meant I had to set up a good work area,” they said.

The customer asked you/Mother_Distance_4714 not to set up a work zone as they would have to close their registers. Of course u/Mother_Distance_4714 insisted on having the working zone because it was the correct protocol.

After two hours back and forth, u/Mother_Distance_4714 was sent home. Only they were paid in full for doing the job, despite not doing any work. They were also paid two days later, when they were called to the station for the third time.

“Instead of letting me do my job while I was already there, they paid me an absurd amount for not doing my job,” they concluded.

Comments loved the story and applauded u/Mother_Distance_4714 for getting paid.

“This is amazing!” exclaimed u/trylast.

“This was really malicious compliance, but I have to admit it was well deserved too!” you said/disposable47138.

“They made you go to so much trouble for one little button? Perfect story about malicious compliance,” agrees you/uwillnotgotospace.

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