Internet terrified after man finds huge beehive in holiday home window

A man found an entire bee nest in a window of his vacation home this week and shocked the internet by sharing an incredible image of it on Reddit.

User u/flaneur_7508 who is from Paris shared the photo on reddit‘s popular r/interestingasf*** forum where it has received over 114,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

The unusual find at the man’s vacation home in Burgundy, France, has impressed some internet users who have described the find as “super cool” among other things. Others have expressed fear of the huge beehive: “Maybe I have a phobia, maybe you guys are just too calm about it all. Personally, I’d burn the house,” said one commenter.

You/flaneur_7508 told news week: “I visit the house as often as possible, more in the summer. I visited the house last weekend when I was only there three weeks ago and noticed condensation on the window, then to my initial mild shock I saw that the room between the window and the outer shutters was full of bees.”

A photo of the beehive discovered by a man at his holiday home in France. The internet is astonished at the discovery that has prompted thousands of responses.

Amazed at the discovery, one Reddit user said, “Free Honey” and another quipped, “Break glass to create an emergency.”

“This is my nightmare,” said one viewer of the viral image. Another commenter wrote, “Just looking at this gives me the heebie-jeebies.”

Bees around the world are declining due to intensive farming, use of pesticides and climate change. But many scientists emphasize the crucial role that the black and yellow insects play.

Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, Richard Gill Ph.D. said: “Bees are of great global importance, not only for wildflowers but also for crops, so it is of ecological and economic importance to protect the species.”

In 2021, the US Food and Drink Administration estimated that the value of crops that depend on essential pollinators, including bees, could be as much as $577 billion a year.

After discovering the holiday home, neighbors went to take a look: “The whole hamlet came to take a look, some people twice,” said U/flaneur_7508.

“Local people have estimated how many bees there are, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000,” he said.

“Further investigation revealed that the space between the windows and the outside hatch, probably 6 inches, was full of bees and honeycomb. I’ve been told I may already have up to 3kg of honey.”

Before the homeowner even noticed the bees, he noticed condensation on the window — something Reddit users commented on.

“Wow, they have to generate quite a bit of heat to cause that condensation,” one said.

In fact, the internal temperature of a hive plays a vital role in colony health, as bees require temperatures of around 93°-97°F to thrive.

“Wow, that’s so cool. They keep it warm in there,” wrote one Redditor. Other commentators wondered how the bees were able to create the hive undetected for so long. When it was revealed that the beehive was in a vacation home, one commentator quipped, “Maybe an Airbeenbee?”

Despite their fame, the bees’ stay in the holiday home will soon come to an end.

You/flaneur_7508 told news week: “We all know that bees are good for the environment and endangered– plus officially protected by French law – so I’ve arranged for an official beekeeper to pick them up and reset them in their own beehive in the region.”

The bees weren’t the only unusual find in the wild this week. another woman amazed internet users when she shared a photo of reptile eggs discovered in an abandoned makeup bag.

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