Mass Effect 4 Merch Lets Fans Talk About Shepard’s Return

Commander Shepard looks off into the distance at Virmire in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


If there is one thing Mass effectCommander Shepard has earned it, it’s fucking rest.

In the last 24 hours, text for a promotional product tasted like: spotted by a YouTubersent fans go inside a tizzy by speculation that the galactic hero would return in a new adventure. But the project director of the fan-favorite role-playing series quickly put the rumors to rest, where all I can say is: Good. Bringing back Shepard is a terribly bad idea.

Although the main Mass effect trilogy culminated in 2012 – and its follow-up, Mass Effect: Andromeda, received a mediocre reception five years later – BioWare’s groundbreaking series of bang-an-alien RPGs is in the midst of a resurgence. The developer teased the “next” Mass effect” at the Game Awards 2020. While the details are slim, it is claims to connect the wires among Andromeda and the core trilogy. That announcement was followed by last year’s Legendary Mass Effect Editiona 4K repainted compilation of the original trilogy, plus approximately 99.99% of the DLC, reviving the opera story in cultural consciousness.

And if there’s one thing that drove our collective reps home – Ah, sorry, one second…

Spoilers follow for Mass effect 310 years old as of this year.

A spoiler warning banner prevents readers from accidentally getting into spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

ahem† As I said, if there’s one thing that has driven our collective reruns home, it’s that Commander Shepard’s story is finally coming to a close. For many, that means Shepard might be the… most final end: death.

the most of Mass effect 3The story of Commander Shepard is about Commander Shepard’s last ditch effort to defeat the advancing army of Reapers, a collective of sentient machines that roam the galaxy every 50,000 years, eliminating all traces of reasonably intelligent life. At the end of Mass effect 3although there are different endings, you are given a range of wide choices how to defeat the threat.

With one choice, you could destroy all synthetic life in the galaxy, including the Reapers. Another allowed you to bring them under your control. A third, only available after you’ve done enough side quests, gave you the ability to fuse all synthetic and organic life together. (Post-release DLC infamously added a fourth potential ending, allowing you to simply blow up the Catalyst and sentence the galaxy to death.) They’re all available in Legendary Edition, and they all show Commander Shepard making that ultimate sacrifice (you know, death). But if you managed to get a maximum “military readiness” score – meaning you’ve basically done all the side-quests and the collect-a-thons – you’d see a cutscene of Shepard running in the same breath. exhales.

Since deleted text for an N7 day poster sold in the BioWare store suggested that the hard-to-reach 3.4-second film was canon. (N7 Day is BioWare’s annual fan celebration of the Mass effect series.) As indicated in a recent video by means of Mr Hulthena YouTuber who specializes in covers Mass effectthe flavor text initially read: “As Shepard and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans wonder what’s next.”

That text was revised – see if you can tell the difference – to ‘The threat of the Reapers may have ended, but at great cost, including Earth itself. As the survivors have to pick up the pieces, fans wonder what’s next.” the product page of the poster does not contain any reference to plot details related to: Mass effect

Representatives for EA, who publishes Mass effect, did not respond to a request for comment. Mike Gamble, Mass effectthe project leader, said on Twitter that the original text stating Shepard’s survival was erroneously published. But if it’s even the tiniest indication of what’s next Mass effect goes, the potential consequences are flummoxing to say the least.

I mean, if Commander Shepard is really making a comeback, does that mean time travel is in the game? After all, if this new game is meant to connect with AndromedaTaking place six centuries after the events of the main trilogy, the story should do something to make thee the gap in time. Or, oh, maybe there’s a multiverse going on, though I certainly hope not; we’re already at the peak of cultural multiverse fatigue, and I can’t imagine such sentiment going away next time Mass effect is from. (The following game has no name or release date.)

Since we know next to nothing about the plot of the next game at this point, I think it’s impossible to rule out the laziest of all worlds: that Shepard survived to disintegrate in a glowing flash of heaven. blue light, or disintegrating in a glowing flash of celestial red light, or disintegrating in an incaa little flash of celestial green light, or, uh, trampled by some timeless kind of intergalactic machines strong enough to level cities.

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But all speculation is, ultimately, beside the point. Commander Shepard’s return would likely be a disappointment to fans – it would essentially take away the whole thrust of the original trilogy, whose appeal was based on making tough choices in key narrative moments, living with the consequences, and seeing the consequences until the final. That final was pretty damn final. Fans have had ten years to grow it. There is no reason to rewrite that history.

Plus, come on, if there’s a supposedly dead character that should be making a comeback, it’s not the right commander (who, again, seriously earned peace and quiet ten times over). It’s Thane

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