Russian space chief warns Elon Musk of ramifications for providing Starlink internet to Ukraine’s Nazis

On May 9, billionaire Elon Musk said on Twitter that the head of Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency), Dmitry Rogozin, threatened him with consequences for providing the Starlink satellite company’s ground-based subscriber equipment to the militants of the Nazi Azov Battalion and the Marines. of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using military helicopters in Mariupol.

Musk shared a screenshot of a Telegram message from Rogozin in Russian that translated to: “From the testimony of the captured Chief of Staff of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Dmitry Kormyankov, it follows that the subscriber equipment stationed on the ground of the Starlink satellite company Elon Musk was delivered to Mariupol by military helicopters to the militants of the Nazi battalion Azov and the marines of the armed forces of Ukraine.”

Telegram message from Rogozin

It further stated: “According to our information, the supply and transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine of mailboxes for receiving and transmitting Internet from Starlink was carried out by the Pentagon.”

Musk threatened the consequences, the report read: “So Elon Musk is involved in the delivery of military communications to fascist forces in Ukraine. And for this you will have to answer in a mature way, Elon, however you oppose the fool.”

Musk said the mail was sent to Russian media. He added that the word “Nazi” used for the Azov battalion is not what Rogozin thought it meant.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk said, “When I die under mysterious circumstances, it was nice to know you.”

Rogozin has partially attacked Musk several times

Rogozin has targeted Elon Musk several times on his Telegram channel. When the social media platform Twitter was yet to announce the acquisition by Elon Musk, he said it was funny to read about the “battle” between the White House and Elon Musk. He said: “The situation is presented as if the South African multi-billionaire is fighting for freedom of expression on this social network, and the American Democrats, who have come to power, are opposing it.”

Telegram message from Rogozin

He added that the fight was not for free speech, but for owning an influential social media network. “This is a power struggle between formal power and the power of purses,” he said.

Starlink Support for Ukraine

On March 19, it was reported that starlinkUkraine’s satellite internet service kept Ukraine’s internet alive amid Russia’s efforts to remove it from the cyber world. Ukraine’s digital transformation minister Mykhailo Fedorov had reached out directly to Musk for support on Twitter. In a few hours, Musk said the service was active in Ukraine and more terminals were underway.

Days after the service became operational on March 27, DW reported that Ukraine reportedly used Starlink services to conduct drone strikes on Russian tanks and positions. Rogozin had said“This is the West we should never trust. When Russia is pursuing its highest national interests on the territory of Ukraine, Elon Musk appears with his Starlink, previously declared as purely civilian.”

On April 22 it was reported that Dave Tremper, the Electronic Warfare Director of the Defense Secretary’s Office, was impressed with the way Starlink resisted Russia’s hacking and jamming attempts. He had said, “The way Starlink could upgrade when a threat emerged, we need to have that capability. We need to be able to change our electromagnetic attitude, to be able to very dynamically change what we’re trying to do without losing capacity along the way.” losses.”

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