The Internet Is Driving ‘Cat Mom’ Crazy That Her Husband Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day

Members of a popular internet forum were amused after a man explained why he didn’t celebrate his wife on Mother’s Day.

In a viral post published on reddit‘sr/AmITeA**hole forum, Redditor u/aitacatnomothersday (aka the original poster or OP) assured the forum that he and his wife have no children, but expressed her deep disappointment after not getting any kind of credit for caring for the couple’s adopted kitten.

titled, “[Am I the a**hole] because I didn’t do anything for my wife on Mother’s Day?” after received nearly 5,700 votes and 1,400 comments in the past day.

“My wife came to me last night and said she was disappointed I didn’t give her anything or take her out for Mother’s Day,” OP began. “I was confused and said she was not a mother.”

“She said she’s basically a mom because we have a cat and she takes care of him,” he continued. “I admit I started laughing because I thought she was joking.”

“I have tried to explain that, at the very least, qualify for [Mother’s Day] should imply being a parent or potential parent of a human child,” he added. “I don’t intend to be celebrated on… [Father’s Day] because I have a cat.”

Pet owners who label themselves as parents, whether seriously or in jest, is one of the favorite topics of discussion on the Internet.

last October, Research conducted by Shelly Volsche, a clinical assistant professor of anthropology at Boise State University, revealed that childfree pet owners are more likely to more attached to animals than their counterparts who have children.

Volsche’s research also found that pet owners without children are more likely to use family terms such as “parent,” “child,” “children,” and “guardians” when referring to their relationship with pets.

While certain demographics may be more inclined to treat pets as family members, resistance to referring to pets as children, or pet owners as parentshas been strong and persistent.

Of the countless Reddit threads and Quora questions pointing out the difference between caring for a pet and raising a child, two articles from Fatherly and The Cut stand out as beacons against equating pet ownership with parenthood.

in 2016, the cut writer MA Wallace sparked outrage when they exposed the harsh reality that have a pet is not the same as having and raising a child.

“We need to remember that pets are an extension of us. We keep them to meet our needs, not theirs,” Wallace wrote. “While we fantasize that person and pet meet as equals and join forces out of mutual admiration and respect, that’s not how it is.”

“You can’t ‘age’ a pet because you don’t teach it how to leave you and become an independent being,” Wallace added. “Your pet is stuck and has no choice but to love you.”

Wallace described the comparison of parenting and pet ownership as ‘a delusion’ and made clear what many parents of children think about animal owners and lovers who sincerely believe that their role as a caregiver is the same as that of a parent.

Two years later, in 2018, paternal writer Jeremy Michael Wilson echoed Wallace’s sentiments.

“I’ve had a dog. I’ve had cats,” Wilson wrote. “Before I actually had a real child, I had the wrong impression that caring for these animals was just the first step in preparing for real parenthood.”

“I was wrong. So, so wrong,” Wilson continued. “If parenting was rated on a scale of 1 to 10, raising an animal is about a point 5.”

Cat owner disappointed on Mother's Day
Members of Reddit’s AmITEA**hole forum sided with a man who didn’t celebrate his wife on Mother’s Day.
Liudmila Chernetska/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Redditors agreed with both Wallace and Wilson, remaining adamant that the original poster was justified in not celebrating his wife on Mother’s Day.

†[Not the a**hole]Redditor noted to u/NotMyFirstChoice675. “Pray she never has children if she thinks taking care of a cat is almost the effort of parenthood.”

“I love animals and have no children or grandchildren, but trying to claim motherhood when you have a cat is just embarrassing,” Redditor added u/Unit-Healthy.

In the post’s top commentary, which has received more than 8,200 votes, Redditor u/heretic8921 admitted to calling themselves a “cat mom” but scoffed at the idea that owning a pet should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

“I’ve had a cat for 16.5 years and at no point have I considered celebrating Mother’s Day, despite calling myself a cat mom,” they wrote.

news week contacted u/aitacatnomothersday for comment.

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