The restaurant’s ‘special’ pizza scares the internet: ‘This Is Criminal’

Curious food-related stories always spark wide-ranging discussions on social media platforms, be it about viral hack for cutting tangerines or a farmer revealing the surprising reason why cows regularly get sweets

And now a photo of a bizarre looking version of an ordinary fast food item has got everyone talking reddit

A recent after went viral after a user shared u/ImMelissaning a photo of a pizza they ordered from a restaurant in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

But the catch is that the pizza raised more than a few virtual eyebrows because it didn’t resemble the kind of pizza most of us would have in mind.

The user captioned the photo “This pizza we ordered at a restaurant in Altoona, PA,” and shared it yesterday, Wednesday, on the r/sh*ttyfoodp*rn subreddit less. Since then, the post has racked up a total of 17,000 upvotes and 1,300 comments.

The photo shows six slices of Altoona-style pizza, a type of pizza that usually has a thick dough base, marinara sauce, with toppings that often include salami and paprika, all topped with American cheese and cut into large square slices.

Altoona-style pizza is one of Pennsylvania’s most curious delicacies.

According to a newspaper clipping from an issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dated October 13, 1996, the Altoona Hotel was seemingly the first Pennsylvania location to serve this dish more than 25 years ago.

According to a comment from the original poster (OP) on Reddit, they were on a car trip from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia when they came across this pizza.

“When we go on a road trip, we usually try to order everything that is the specialty of the restaurant to experience new dishes,” they said. “This happened to be their specialty and we were excited when the waiter called it the Altoona style pizza.”

“We assumed it would be good and popular for a reason, because it was named after the city, kind of like how Detroit-style pizza and St. Louis-style pizza are known,” OP added. “We didn’t know it was going to be this atrocity.”

Many users rushed to the comment section to express their views on the strange-looking dish.

“This is criminal,” one user wrote,

“Is [the] chief a toddler?” asked another commenter.

One Pennsylvania resident even took responsibility for the pizza’s existence. “As a representative of the PA gang, [I’d] I’d like to apologize for whatever the f*ck this is and assure you that Altoona doesn’t represent the rest of the state,” they wrote.

Among a sea of ​​disapproval, only a handful of commentators seemed to take it upon themselves to defend Altoona-style pizza. †[Not gonna lie]i would eat this and enjoy it,” one user wrote.

Another commenter shared that the Altoona Hotel, the location where that particular type of pizza came from, had burned down over nine years ago. One opportunistic Reddit user took this as an opportunity to make fun of: “But somehow the fire failed to kill this monstrosity.”

Dissatisfied man looking at pizza
An image of a disgruntled man looking at a slice of pizza. A Reddit post recently went viral after a user posted a photo of a strange pizza he ordered from a restaurant in Altoona, Pennsylvania.
Getty Images/brown54486

According to a 2013 study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, “food concoction,” or making strange food mixtures, is well documented in the famine literature and can sometimes be seen in patients suffering from eating disorders.

According to the research, the creation of strange food combinations may be primarily caused by cravings, while the emotions patients experience when “imagining” these meals may be similar to the high-excitement symptoms experienced by drug users.

Unsurprisingly, strange foods that are going viral on the Internet are nothing new.

news week previously wrote about a TikTok user who took it upon himself to imitate dishes from a 1953 recipe book. Among the meals she prepared was the “Sunshine salad,” which contained an odd combination of ingredients, such as lemon-flavored Jell-O, canned pineapple syrup, salt, vinegar, shredded carrots, chopped pecans , lettuce and mayonnaise.

news week has contacted you/ImMelissaning for comment.

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