These 5 fun Elden Ring builds are sure to help you take on any boss

Conquer the land in between

So you’re through to Elden Ring, huh? Decided to go on an adventure in the Lands Between? You’re not a veteran, but you’ve played a few video games and tough rumors aren’t enough to scare you. But now that you’re a bit in the game, you still find that the bosses are too much for you.

Elden Ring

Well, don’t be afraid. COG-connected is here with a list of the 5 best Elden Ring builds to help you take on any boss. Whether you like magic, big weapons, fast attacks or something else, we probably have a build that interests you. This goes without saying, but these builds are likely to contain some spoilers. So if you prefer to travel on your own, you may want to wait to read this. However, if you’re wondering where to get awesome weapons and how to build your character around them, then move on.

Some of the weapons in the builds on this list aren’t the most accessible to early game characters. But those of you going to NG+ will be happy to have them in your arsenal for the challenges ahead. So brave Tarnished if you’ve got the flame of ambition, let’s step into the Lands Between and check out some builds.

1. The Frost Warrior

Do you love winter? Do you just have a strange desire to freeze everything around you? Will this obsession with the cold carry over to Elden Ring? Good news. There is a perfect build for you. Look, Elden Ring has many kinds of status effects. None are as undervalued as the effect of freeze status.

Frostbite is a special status effect that can be applied to enemies with frequent attacks by a weapon with the equipped status effect. Once you apply it to an enemy, they take a massive burst of damage. But that is not everything. In addition, for the duration of the freeze effect, enemies also gain a debuff that increases all damage taken by 20%. See where we’re going with this?

While frost can be applied to many weapons, there is one that is particularly good at it. Not to mention it comes with a built-in ash of war which is perfect for this build. This weapon is of course the Icerind Hatchet† Found in the Liurnia of the Lakes temple precinct, this light ax not only causes frostbite, but also comes with the ash of war: Hoarfrost Stomp.

The stump is an impossibly powerful, spamable, freeze plaguing AOE axis of war. Plus, it only costs 10FP. It causes over 100 freezes per hit and can stagger weaker enemies. Against bosses, you can spam it when it’s safe, by applying massive freeze debuffs and opening them up to attacks. One tip to make this combo even more effective is to equip the Alexander Shard talisman which will increase your skill damage by 15%. You’ll also want to level up agility, stamina, and intelligence for this build.

2. The Construction of the Kamehame Comet

By far one of the most beautiful parts of Elden Ring battles, from a visual perspective, are the spells. In addition, few can capture the power reflected by one of the most powerful spells in the game: Comet Azur. If you believe that you want to be the most powerful mage of our time, you must have Comet Azur in your collection of spells.

Found in the Hermit Village on Mount Gelmir, Comet Azur is a massive blast of energy that can destroy the health bar of even the toughest bosses. Pairing it with a staff makes it much more viable as a boss killer. However, with the number of bars in play, which one should you choose? While many contributors will be working with the build, we should recommend none other than: Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

Despite increasing the FP cost of sorcery, this staff will allow you to cast spells at a higher speed, by 8%. In addition, it increases your dexterity for spelling. This is a good staff for any mage who wants to keep enemies away from them by hurling a torrent of spells at them. Combine your Comet Azur with a spell that will stagger or stun the enemy, then blast them to smithereens with your comet. So for this build you will really want to increase your intelligence as Comet Azure needs a whopping 60 intelligences to run. Keeping points in mind is also a necessity for spell spamming. Unfortunately, Godfrey’s Icon talisman does not work with Comet Azur. Instead, we recommend the magical scorpion charm to increase your magical attack power.

Finally, of course, an important piece to add to this build is Azur’s Glintstone Crown. If you want to make your Comet Azur as powerful as possible, throw on this crown. Increase your damage even more. And watch the fireworks.

3. The God Slayer

You are a simple person. You see a great sword, you will. You want major damage. Nothing anymore. That’s where the God Slayer’s Greatsword comes in. It has a DOT damage ability, decent attack speed and just looks great. The Greatsword of the God-Slayer is a great weapon for lovers of great swords.

Elden Ring

Found in Caelid’s Divine Tower, this colossal greatsword is faster than most. While it deals less damage than other colossal weapons, it trades massive burst damage for speed and magical DOT. The main tool: The Queens Black Flame. Not only does the sword have a high attack speed (for a Greatsword anyway), but many of its moves offer hyper armor to ensure you don’t get staggered from your attacks.

For this build, surprisingly, you want to focus on agility and faith. However, by putting points in strength and power, the build-up is also given a little more shape. Equip yourself with a warrior jar shard or a shard of Alexander talismans. These will make your Queens Black Flame ability deal even more damage to enemies. Additionally, throwing the Bull-Goat’s talisman will help increase your balance. With this build, you’ll beat bosses in no time, burn them and swing in for the kill.

4. The Swarm of Arrows

While it may not be as strong as other builds on this list, many players love being an archer. This build offers a fun way to play, maneuvering around bosses, looking for great moments to strike in relative safety. Let me introduce you to the Red Branch Shortbow. With a fast-firing moveset, you’ll drown your enemies with status-inducing arrows.

Elden Ring

The unique thing about shortbows is that you can make jump-and-roll shots with them. Once you get the hang of these, you can seemingly fire multiple arrows at the same time. In addition, the Red Branch Shortbow comes with the barrage of war. This allows players to fire many arrows at an enemy.

The Red Branch Shortbow can be found in multiple locations, including the Royal Capital, and offers players a fast-paced yet effective style of play from a distance. However, the best aspect of this weapon is how quickly you can apply the status effect. Using blood arrows or some other kind of status, you can quickly deal big damage to bosses before they even come close. Plus, the dodge shots allow you to fight quite close and personal.

This build focuses on agility, strength and stamina. Equipping the arrows stabbing talisman and Millicent’s Prosthesis can do a lot of damage very quickly.

5. The Bleeding Edge

You all knew this was coming. Last, but certainly not least, is the Bleed Build. While bleed is highly effective on many weapons, katanas are arguably the most effective. However, one katana is especially insane at applying bleed. Of course this weapon Rivers of blood.

Elden Ring

Found in the Church of Repose in the Mountaintops of the Giants, Rivers of Blood is a hugely powerful Katana. This weapon comes with its signature war axis, Corpse Piler, and deals bleeding damage like no other. Light range, massive war damage, attack speed and bleed damage make this weapon a threat to almost any boss. It can even shake Melania, Blade or Miquella. It shreds enemies and gives you a powerful feeling.

This build works very well with an agility and mystery focus. The accumulation of bleeds will scale from mystery and the damage will scale very well from dexterity. In addition, equipping the Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman and the White mask helmet will increase your damage by a combined 30% when you activate a bleed. Take control with the River’s of Blood bleed build.

Having fun

There you have it, five builds to help you beat every boss and have a lot of fun. The Lands Between is dangerous, so hopefully these builds will lend you a hand. However, the best way to learn is by doing, so mastering the skills and weapons in these builds will definitely take some time. Once you do, though, it should run smoother. Good luck, brave Tarnished, and don’t forget to have fun out there.

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