Titanfall 3 Reportedly Spotted For Pre-Order In GameStop

Titanfall series has established itself as a prominent FPS shooter in the game industry. Titanfall games interweave mechs with the high-octane fast-paced action in the usual FPS fashion to deliver an innovative experience. The series is much loved by its passionate players, and their achievements have been observed time and again. The loyal community has united several times to protect itself from hostile threats, such as cyberpunks, and has kept Titanfall 2’s servers up and running with diminishing odds.

The odds of Titanfall 3 taking place are pretty bleak; Respawn Entertainment has cited in the past that: they are not interested in another episode in the Titanfall series. In addition, Respawn Entertainment has its hands full with multiple Star Wars projects† Not all hope is lost for Titanfall fans, though; the recent rumor is a ray of hope for the future of this FPS. Multiple sightings of Titanfall 3 are available for pre-order at GameStop stores in Germany. Many players have reportedly seen the game available for pre-order at select outlets.

In a recent message in r/titanfall on reddit, u/Va0Ce posted a photo of what appears to be Titanfall 3, available for pre-order at a GameStop store in Germany. Players have split into different sides of the spectrum, citing other possibilities related to the phenomenon. However, the user has further commented on the situation, citing: The collaborator told me it would probably be out around the fall, but the box said “no release date announced”, so IDK. I’m still not 100% sure I haven’t been scammed with a €10 deposit but if others saw it too must be something??

r/titanfall - So Titanfall 3...???
Titanfall 3 can reportedly be pre-ordered from a select GameStop store in Germany. † Source: u/Va0Ce/Reddit

The text above the Titanfall 3 packaging, “Preorder Jetzt,” translated to “Pre-order now.” In the image we can see several games that can be pre-ordered, and they are all confirmed for release in the future. It’s kind of weird that Titanfall 3 is available to pre-order, but this could be a rare bug. Some players have speculated that this could be a tactic to grab money from GameStop in Germany, which is also unlikely as it would completely affect the venture. Others have speculated that the user spoofed the message to get attention, but similar sightings have been reported in the past, making it also unlikely that this message is fake.

This isn’t the first time GameStop stores in Germany have leaked something long before an announcement or release. In January 2017, a collaborator revealed the release lineup for the Nintendo Switch and posted it on Reddit. Recently, in June 2020, overwatch 2 started appearing for pre-orders on the GameStop website in Germany, which revealed the platforms on which the game would be available, long before the announcement by means of Blizzard Entertainment

Multiple people have claimed to witness Titanfall 3 being available for pre-order at the GameStop store in Germany. One similar post in r/titanfall on Reddit by u/MisterShadow001 about two weeks ago went largely unnoticed, but it also discussed the same situation alongside the evidence. About six months ago, another message discussed the same observation, although it was without any evidence. This post specifically states that the game should be released in the last quarter of 2022, according to one of the contributors, which is very far-fetched.

All in all, we recommend taking this with a huge grain of salt. There is no concrete or official evidence indicating that Titanfall 3 is even in development. Although Titanfall 3 is mentioned in the Popular NVIDIA GeForce Now Leaks, which for the most part is authentic, we’ve learned that not every title revealed will be confirmed, however. The most achievable outcome seems to be an error by GameStop in Germany.

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